Common Questions When Your Vehicle has Hail Damage

Our expert automotive repair technicians answered some of your most frequently asked questions about your car repair. If you have additional questions, we are here to help. Just give us a call or stop by to speak with our staff.

Q. What is the first thing I do after a hail storm?
A. Contact your insurance company and file a claim. More than likely they will have a catastrophe team set up in the affected area.  If you have any broken glass contact our Body Shop and get the vehicle either towed or scheduled in for immediate repairs.
Q. How long will it take to get my vehicle repaired?
A. During an average hail storm, thousands of vehicles sustain damages, thus, it may be a few weeks before your scheduled appointment. Depending on the severity of your vehicles hail damage, Baxter Auto  can provide two types of repairs on your vehicle. The first is to completely repair your vehicle utilizing the (PDR) process. This normally takes a few days from drop off to delivery to complete. The second involves the use of both the PDR process and conventional body shop repairs. This process is referred to as a Combination Repair. The time frame for this type of repair will vary from several days to longer depending on the severity of damage.
Q. What is paintless dent repair?
A. Paintless dent repair (PDR), also known as paintless dent removal, describes a method of removing minor dents  from the body of a vehicle.  A wide range of damage can be repaired using PDR as long as the paint surface is intact. PDR may be used on both aluminum and steel panels (PDR) is "Paintless Dent Repair"
Q. How do I schedule for repairs.
A. At the time of your estimate, you will be asked when you would like to schedule your vehicle for repairs.  Contact our Body Shop via phone or email to set up an appointment for repairs.
Q. Do I need to get more than one estimate
A. No. The only estimate you will need would be the one your insurance company creates.
Q. My insurance company wants me to take it one of their preferred providers. Will I still be able to take it to Baxter?
A. Yes. You are able to bring your vehicle to us. We offer the same warranties as your insurance company.
Q. How much time should I allow for a hail estimate?
A. Standard hail estimate requires 30-45 minutes. During this time, the estimator follows a systematic format of identifying severity and quantity of dents on all panels.
Q. What is a supplement?
A. Supplements are additional operations or parts necessary to complete the repair of the vehicle that go beyond the original estimate. In some cases, the original estimate is insufficient to perform the repairs. When a vehicle is dropped off for repairs, a second inspection is done to determine if all of the damage was documented for repair. If all damage was found and written on the original estimate, no supplement is needed. However, if some damage was overlooked on the original estimate a "supplement" is needed to document the necessary operations or parts needed to properly repair the vehicle. If a supplement is required, it may extend the time period needed to repair your vehicle. The supplement will be explained to the customer and an adjusted pick up date communicated to the customer.
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